You’ve got your heart set on a well-paying job in a high-growth company, but your undergraduate degree isn’t in business. No problem.


Our top-ranked Master in Management Studies degree is exactly what you need to get ahead. Fast-track to the high-paying jobs and professional business career you’re dreaming of with a one-year business master’s degree at a world-renowned university.

In our one-year business program, you’ll learn by doing and apply what you’ve learned by working with industry leaders on their business challenges. The inventive design and hands-on learning focus of the Master in Management Studies degree is breaking new ground—providing students with the skills employers are seeking. By breaking the mold, this 12-month business degree replicates a real work experience that makes real impact.

MS in Management Studies

Real-World learning

Like Real work in a high-growth company

If making it in business is your passion, then our MS in Management Studies program is for you. In Questrom’s fast-paced one-year business program, you’ll master the fundamentals of business, while learning how to succeed on dynamic teams. Here, you won’t be stuck in long lectures. You’ll get to work right away, applying what you learn in class, collaborating with classmates from many different backgrounds, executing projects for real clients, solving real business challenges, and preparing for a rewarding career.


Project partners include:

  • Staples
  • Diageo
  • Zurich Financial
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Fannie Mae
  • Spotify
  • Salesforce


MS in Management Studies



With a strong emphasis on teaming, Questrom’s vibe is collaborative, not cutthroat. You’ll thrive in an atmosphere where diversity is valued. So is teamwork.

“The program promises to give you real-world business experience and guidance on finding the career that’s perfect for you—I can attest that they deliver on that promise starting on day one.”

The students in your program will come from all types of academic experiences with all kinds of backgrounds. So, whether you majored in engineering, fashion design, economics or biology as an undergrad, your MSMS classmates will be just like you—focused on making an impact in the business world.

Top Five Undergrad Majors

  1. Engineering
  2. Economics
  3. Design
  4. Psychology
  5. Sciences


meet courtney

Watch MSMS alum Courtney Lyons share her thoughts on the one-year Master of Science in Management Studies at Boston University Questrom School of Business.

MS in Management Studies


better jobs, higher salaries

When it comes to making sure our students launch the business careers they want, we have a track record of success. Our MSMS grads land excellent entry-level jobs that put them on the path to a meaningful career.

#3 MSMS program ranked 3rd in the US according to QS World University Ranking for Masters in Management 2022

88%of MSMS grads seeking employment accepted an offer within 6 months of graduation (cumulative 2017-2021)

$10K+Starting salaries of MS grads are $10K higher than the average for U.S. business college graduates (GMAC 2022 survey)

MS in Management Studies


professors with real-world experience

Pay attention because our master’s in management studies faculty members are creating the research and innovation that drive today’s complex business world. Leading practitioners and thought leaders, your professors will bring what they know directly to you in the classroom every day. You might be surprised by how accessible they are. They’re world-class, but they’ll know who you are and what makes your eyes light up. You’ll remember them as your mentors, and friends…the ones who helped you make your career dreams a reality.

“Personally, I’m an experiential learner. It’s how I enjoy learning, so it’s how I like to teach. And since MSMS courses are not graded, the students are not motivated by competition. They’re motivated to help each other and collaborate for the best outcomes.”


“Effective teamwork requires harnessing diversity and putting it to work for the benefit of customers, employees and the business. My goal is to enable students to see the value of the experiences and perspectives of those around them and build the skills to unleash them for good.”

“Students are curious about how business management concepts can be applied in situations they will soon face. I take great joy in sharing my experiences and stories with them so they can see how things work in the real world.”

“Seeing the transformation of our MSMS students in the course of just one year is the biggest reward for teaching in this program. They emerge as savvy, prepared professionals who are ready to take on a wide variety of business challenges. Knowing I had a part in making that happen is so motivating.”

“Building high performing teams is a skill I enjoy sharing with students. It’s not simple. But, when students start to get it I can see how it lights up their faces and powers their work.”

“I believe most business decisions are multidimensional. Even when we lead with marketing analytics, the concerns of strategy, finance and human behavior are never remote. I teach students first how to master the tools of marketing analytics, and apply them in the real-world context, with all its complexity and messiness.”

“Building students’ personal brands so they embody what they stand for, aspire to, and where they’ve come from is my ambition. Questrom is a brand that’s powered by students. I take great pride in helping them both succeed.”

“Tell it like it is and find a way to make it happen is my motto. It helps me be an authentic listener because students know I’m speaking from the heart with their best interests in mind.”

MS in Management Studies

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