84 Credits

At Questrom, we’re constantly innovating. For years, we’ve been integrating the topics of business and technology in teaching and research. We are a leader in teaching the importance of information technology in the digital age, and we are always seeking new ways to equip our students with the latest tools they need to make an innovative impact in their business or industry.

Our MBA+ MS in Digital Technology (MBA+ MSDT), formerly known as the MBA+ MS in Digital innovation, joint degree is our core technical management offering, designed for students who want to accelerate their journey into future career roles such as:

Business Solution Leaders – leading teams to transform the business with new technology capabilities such as process automation, digital marketing, and enhancing the customer experience.

Business Analytics Leaders – bridging the work of data analysts into a broader business context, and/or leading teams to transform businesses through data-driven decision making and the integration of analytics into business processes.  Students on this path must have a strong interest in statistics and a willingness to dive deeply into analytics and machine learning.

Digital Strategy/Transformation Consultants – advising institutions on strategic choices for new digital capabilities, recommending programs for implementation and managing teams for transformation.

Technology Product Managers – learning to develop a deep understanding of customers’ needs and managing technology teams so you can create products and services that impress.

Regardless of your focus, this exciting joint degree engages you in hands-on learning where digital innovation lives: at the crossroads between business and technology. You’ll obtain the management tools and strategic perspectives to leverage data, people, and the reach of digital technologies to address critical business needs, transform existing markets, and grow new ones. Best of all, you’ll earn two valuable degrees from BU in just 21 months.