The Questrom Social Impact Full-Time MBA program is core to Questrom.

We are in the midst of multiple crises—global pandemic, social injustice, climate crisis, political crises, and others. A typical first reaction is that it is the government’s role and responsibility to take care of these crises. Yet, many countries lack the necessary government leadership. This lack of public governance puts the spotlight and responsibility on the private sector to address these crises and prevent the system from collapsing. Accordingly, understanding how and to what extent (non-profit and for-profit) organizations and investors can grow and sustain their organizations over time while strengthening—instead of undermining—the very system in which they operate is important, as organizations can play a critical role in addressing climate change, poverty, inequality, global health, and other societal grand challenges our world is facing related to society and the natural environment. 

Do you aspire to pursue a career that allows you to address such grand challenges and make a positive impact on society and the natural environment? The Social Impact MBA teaches you important business fundamentals and allows you to gain deep knowledge and skills that prepare you for a successful career in the social impact space. Whether you’re full-time or part-time, prepare to join a vibrant, impact-driven community. Other schools perceive social impact to be an afterthought, whereas at Questrom it is front and center.

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