At Questrom, your success is our top priority. When it comes to your career management, you have quite a few people in your corner.

It starts with the career coaches in our Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center, and our Graduate Academic & Career Development Center. Your dedicated coach will help you explore career options and develop your customized search strategy. Once your strategy is ready, you’ll execute it with one of our specialists from the Feld  Center for Industry Alliances, who will work to connect you with employers and alumni. We’ve got you covered.

Geared for success

From the start, our students prepare to enter the workforce and enter it boldly. Their transition from classroom to career is seamless. Our graduates report outstanding success in securing jobs before and within a few months of graduation, with starting salaries of Questrom graduates 13% above the national average. But don’t just take our word for it—check out the employment stats for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Career Development resources for a lifetime

Our faculty and staff want to get to know you, your interests, and your challenges so they can help you land right where you want to be. Not just a few months before graduation, either, but from the moment you step foot on campus. And as alums, our services are available long after you turn your graduation tassel. Forever, actually.

Our career management teams offer a wealth of resources for students, from working with a career coach to shadowing alumni to meeting industry recruiters. We look to form partnerships with students early on, so you know exactly what’s at your fingertips during your time here.

Questrom is first and foremost a community. One that is authentic, not cutthroat. One in which students and alumni are active participants in an honest give-and-take environment. In other words, we’re here for you.