We offer a highly competitive, fully funded doctoral fellowship to all admitted doctoral students. It is available for five years.

Questrom Doctoral Fellowship

The fellowship includes:

  • a full tuition scholarship
  • individual health insurance
  • a graduate assistantship ($36,782 for 2021-2022) towards your living expenses.

In addition, there are four cycles annually to apply for research and conference funds.

  • PhD in Management students are invited and welcomed to apply for conference and research funding in years 1-5.
  • PhD in Mathematical Finance students are invited and welcomed to apply for conference funding in years 3-5, only after having passed all qualifying exams.

You must remain in good standing and be actively pursuing your degree to continue to receive this fellowship.

International students must meet proper visa requirements where appropriate and arrive on-time to begin the program.

Graduate Assistantship

The graduate assistantship is based on a full calendar year. You will be expected to be in residence during the summer, pursuing your research agenda and preparing for your teaching assignments. The requirements are different for the PhD in Management and the PhD in Mathematical Finance.

PhD in Management

  • Years one and two you will be required to serve as a research assistant (RA). Working with faculty as an RA is an integral part of your doctoral experience and will provide you an opportunity to quickly gain first-hand experience.
  • Years three through five you will be required to teach at least one course and sometimes, consistent with preparing a viable academic record, your department may require you to teach a second course. As determined by your department, you will continue with your RA responsibilities on non-teaching semesters.

PhD in Mathematical Finance  

  • Years one through five, you will be required to work as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Assistant (RA) or teach every semester. Active involvement with faculty acting as mentors in both research and teaching is a critical part of the doctoral experience, designed to complement and add to what is covered in the course work.


Should you require additional funding including federal financial aid, private loans, private scholarships, and/or veterans benefits we are happy to guide you through the financial aid process and provide any assistance along the way.

For more information

Reach out to the Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Office:

PhD in Management: questromphd@bu.edu
PhD in Mathematical Finance: questromphd@bu.edu
(617) 353-2670