Shuba Srinivasan Received the 2022 Amazon Research Award

Amazon Science recently published an article announcing Shuba Srinivasan, Professor of Marketing, as a recipient of the 2022 Amazon Research Award.

In this cycle, the Amazon Research Awards is publicly announcing 26 award recipients who represent 24 universities in seven countries. Amazon Research Awards delivers unrestricted funds as well as AWS Promotional credits to academic researchers exploring various topics in numerous disciplines. During the Spring 2022 cycle, this announcement includes awards funded under five proposals: AI for Information Security, Alexa – Fairness in AI, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Science Community and Machine Learning University, and AWS AI: Human-in-the-loop machine learning and annotation. Proposals were reviewed for the quality of their scientific content and their potential to impact both the research community and society. Srinivasan was awarded for the role of consumer mindset metrics in optimal ad decisions.

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