Eleven Questrom Faculty Members Ranked in Top 2% of Scientists Worldwide According to Stanford University Analysis

The Questrom School of Business congratulates faculty members Chrysanthos “Chris” Dellarocas, N. Venkatraman, Paul Carlile, Marshall Van Alstyne, Avi Seidmann, Douglas “Tim” Hall, William Kahn, Andrew King, Steven Kou, and Dean Susan Fournier on their recent rankings within the top 2% of scientists within their fields. In each instance this recognition was based on how often their works were cited by peers and fellow authorities. The eleven were singled out in a study conducted by Stanford University, which measured overall career impact within fields of expertise via the metric of citations in peer-reviewed academic journals and studies. The survey was led by a team of experts headed by Stanford Professor John Ionnidis.

“This is a remarkable achievement for Susan, Chris, Iain, Venkat, Paul, Marshall, Avi, Tim, Bill, Andrew, and Steven,” said Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Boston University. “Being recognized as among the most cited researchers speaks not only to the quality of work produced at Questrom but also its importance to the world of business overall.”

The recognition of the work of these eleven Questrom faculty members is an affirmation of the Questrom School of Business’ focus on “research with impact” and mission to integrate research with teaching and service to advance business practice and education. Recently, the school launched Insights@Questrom, a digital hub featuring research and thought leadership produced by faculty, administrators, and alumni that brings theory to life and applies it to contemporary challenges facing leaders in business and higher education.

“At Questrom, we task our professors with conducting research with real-world results, then sharing that knowledge with students as it’s being formulated,” said Marcel Rindisbacher, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty & Research. “These rankings are a testament to the success of this approach in identifying solutions that are relied upon by other experts and business leaders around the world.”

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Faculty Spotlight

Allen Questom Professor and Dean Susan Fournier

Susan Fournier
Allen Questrom Professor & Dean, Professor of Marketing

Expert in the application of marketing, psychology, anthropology, and finance, to business enterprises, with a focus on the creation of value through branding and consumer relationships.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (30,315 citations)

Paul Carlile
Professor, Information Systems

Established as one of the world’s foremost experts on tackling the knowledge boundaries that exist among people in different expertise domains in order to enhance collaboration and innovation.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (11,514 citations)

Iain Cockburn
Richard C. Shipley Professor in Management, Strategy & Innovation

Expert on the economics of innovation, intellectual property, and productivity measurement applied within industries as varied as software, information technology, and bio-pharmaceuticals.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (21,280 citations)

Chris Dellarocas
Associate Provost for Digital Learning & Innovation,
Shipley Professor, Information Systems

Holder of numerous patents, recipient of two Best Paper Awards and NSF Career Award (1999). Expert in online reputation management, social media, strategic use of digital technologies, and the promise of digital learning.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (21,791 citations)

Douglas “Tim” Hall
Professor Emeritus, Management & Organizations

Expert in career development and planning, career and family planning, executive succession planning, and leadership development in organizations.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (52,893 citations)

William Kahn
Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar
Professor, Management & Organizations

Authored numerous articles in organizational and management journals on topics ranging from instigating and reacting to change, creating healthy work relationships, and the nature of leadership and authority.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (20,500)

Andrew King
Questrom Professor in Management
Professor, Strategy & Innovation

Leading authority on environmental performance and innovation. His research established whether and when firms can find ways to profitably reduce their impact on the environment

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (13,605)

Steven Kou
Questrom Professor in Management
Professor, Finance

Finance expert whose research results have been incorporated into standard MBA textbooks and implemented in commercial software packages and terminals.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (7,775)

Avi Seidmann
Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar
Professor, Information Systems

Conducted groundbreaking research into health analytics and digital health systems, including a recent study that provided the first ever quantitative evidence of B2C racial bias on a digital platform.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (9,075)

Marshall Van Alstyne
Questrom Professor in Management
Professor, Information Systems

Co-developer of the concept of “two-sided networks,” a core principle of network effect theory that is now taught worldwide.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (22,554)

N. Venkatraman
David J. McGrath, Jr. Professor in Management
Professor, Information Systems

Well-known for his work on the subject of corporate response to digital technologies, in particular his 2016 book The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Digital Transformation.

Faculty Profile | Google Scholar Profile (49,767)

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