Participant Pool Recruitment

General Psychology (PS101) Participant Pool Recruitment Guidelines

  1. Only the following persons may submit an application as the principal investigator to recruit from the General Psychology  (PS 101) research participant pool:
    • faculty with a primary appointment in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
    • graduate students in psychology
    • undergraduate psychology majors who are seniors undertaking an Honors project in psychology (registered for PS401/PS402)
    • undergraduate seniors in the Kilachand Honors program who are undertaking an honors project through Kilachand provided they are psychology majors and have psychology faculty supervisors
  2. No research involving the administration of psychoactive drugs use can be conducted with participants from the PS101 pool.
  3. Assessments of alcohol or drug use behaviors are permitted. However, reviewers will exercise discretion concerning the types of questions researchers ask, particularly researchers who are Honors in Psychology students. (e.g., questions about selling or procuring drugs/alcohol to or for minors would not be approved).
  4. Honors in Psychology/Kilachand Honors students will not be permitted to include questions about sexual behavior or interpersonal violence in their applications requesting access to the PS 101 pool.
  5. Participants recruited from the PS 101 pool may only be awarded credit for their participation. Researchers may not pay PS 101 subjects for participation.
  6. Participants in the PS 101 pool should be provided with an informed consent form that includes contact information for Dr. Joanne Hebden Palfai, Director of Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Studies, and the study research supervisor even for studies that do not require signed informed consent forms under APA, University, or governmental regulations.