2024-2025 Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) Program

From Dr. Kenneth Lutchen, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer ad interim
and Jason Campbell-Foster, Dean of Students

The Dean of Students’ Office and Residence Life are seeking faculty members interested in appointment to the Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) Program in 2024. Faculty members are eligible to apply to the FIR program if they are full-time at the senior lecturer rank or above and have at least two years of experience at Boston University. The deadline for applying is Tuesday, April 30.

The FIR program operates under the auspices of the Dean of Students’ Office and Residence Life and works to increase the impact of teaching and research through residential interactions between faculty members and undergraduates. The program was created in 1974 with a singular goal: to provide opportunities for students and faculty members to interact on an informal, day-to-day basis outside the classroom. Today, members of the FIR program are among our finest faculty and are uniquely positioned to pioneer the inventive, collaborative, and creative elements that make “One BU” possible outside the classroom. Through their work and the relationships they build, they unlock doors to meaningful experiences with undergraduates that are distinctive to a Boston University residential education.

The FIR program expands the Boston University classroom by providing a residential experience that is connected, interdisciplinary, innovative, and meaningful. Toward this end, FIRs are in place to:

  • Serve as role models, resources, and advocates for the students with whom they live and learn;
  • Cultivate interactions with undergraduates that empower students to grow, develop, and refine their values;
  • Integrate curricular and co-curricular activities across the University’s schools and programs;
  • Blaze trails toward the synthesis of knowledge and experience that are provocative, innovative, collaborative, and emblematic of “One BU.”

A FIR Open House is scheduled to take place on the following date:

  • Friday, April 12, from 3-5pm at Claflin Hall (273 Babcock Street)

By attending a FIR open house, prospective FIR applicants can meet current FIRs and Residence Life staff, learn about the FIR program, and tour a FIR apartment. To RSVP for a FIR open house, please fill out this form.

To apply for the FIR program, please submit the following to via the application link below:

  1. The 2024-2025 Faculty-in-Residence application
  2. A cover letter declaring your interest in the program, addressed to Hilary Caron, associate director of residence life for student and staff development
  3. A curriculum vitae or resumé
  4. A letter of recommendation and support from the dean of your school/college sent via email to reslife@bu.edu

Faculty members selected to participate in the program receive an on-campus apartment, a partial dining plan, and, most importantly, the opportunity to fully contribute to the lives of students outside the classroom. Many non-academic and residential policies apply to faculty living in on-campus housing. Generally, most FIR units are one-bedroom apartments in small and large residence halls on campus. If you would like to hear more about these policies or to inquire about on-campus accommodations, you are encouraged to attend a FIR open house, or contact the staff at Residence Life at reslife@bu.edu.

2024-2025 Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) Program – 4.10.24