Application Services & Law School Guides

Law School Admission Council (LSAC)
LSAC is a nonprofit, membership organization composed of all ABA-accredited law schools in the United States. LSAC provides many services to the member schools, including the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Register as soon as possible to explore pre-law resources and become familiar with the law school admissions process.

Credential Assembly Service (CAS)
CAS is a service provided by LSAC to streamline the law school admissions process. All law schools require subscription to this service. You must subscribe through your LSAC account. CAS assembles and summarizes data from academic transcripts, letters of recommendation and evaluations, and your LSAT score(s). The data is then transmitted as an Academic Summary Report to law schools to which you have applied. You are able to view your Academic Summary Report in your LSAC account and will be able to view the same materials that the law schools will see.

Candidate Referral Service (CRS)
Consider opting in to the Candidate Referral Service (CRS), a free service that makes information about law school candidates available to law schools. As part of this service, you will receive emails from schools that regard you as an appealing candidate.

LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law School
Search for law schools that interest you using keywords, location, and your UGPA/LSAT combination. Customize your searches and get the most up-to-date details and information provided by the law schools to LSAC.

LSAC Official Guide to Canadian Law Schools
Helpful guide for students considering law school in Canada. Offering a description of each school, with information about admission requirements, special programs, financial aid, and more.

Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS)
Application service required for candidates to law schools in Ontario.

The Stern-Wilson Book of Law School Lists, 2020-2021 Edition
Resource book compiled and based off of information provided by law schools’ responses to an annual survey. The book includes sections on academic programs, clinical programs, joint degrees, journals, scholarships, admission policies, and more.

Standard 509 ABA Required Disclosures
These reports provide the most current and comprehensive data from the American Bar Association including LSAT score and GPA ranges for each school.