Student Organizations & Extracurricular Activities

Law schools are interested in well-rounded students who have not only excelled in the classroom but who have also dedicated time and energy to other commitments. Activities in which a student has had a strong leadership role, and in which he or she has demonstrated the ability to work well with others, can be positive factors in the law school admission process. It will be the extent of the involvement, not the nominal association, considered by those who write letters of recommendation and by those who evaluate the law school application.

Participate in activities that interest you! Be selective over time, and maintain a balanced schedule of commitments. Your choices do not have to be directly (nor indirectly) related to law. Meaningful involvement in law-related activities, however, could be of great value in several ways. It may demonstrate to the law schools that the desire to study law is well considered. It also serves as an excellent way to discover the areas of interest in law. Furthermore, balancing academics with extracurricular activities forces you to prioritize, set limits and goals, and manage your time well. Remember that academic performance comes first. Over-involvement in activities does not compensate for a weak academic record.

Pre-Law Advising directly supports five student-run law groups: Pre-Law Society, Diversity in Law Association, Mock Trial Organization, Mock Mediation, and Pre-Law Review. Each group differs in its activities and time commitments. These are just a few of the pre-law or law-related groups at Boston University. Find more information on these groups and others HERE.