Preparing for Law School

At Boston University, students interested in pursing a law degree and a career in law have many advantages. We offer numerous curricular pathways, allowing students to concentrate on their own interests while developing the necessary skills for law school. We also have developed a comprehensive system of advising, programming, and other resources to assist students in every step of their preparation.

To be a “pre-law student” at Boston University, therefore, is perhaps best described as to be on a pathway of preparation, investigation, exploration, and reflection. While there are few specific requirements that applicants to law school must meet, there are many areas of development for the candidate to consider:

  • Focus on your academic work and skill set. Challenge yourself academically while proving your academic worth. Prepare for the rigor of law school. Develop relationships with faculty and mentors.
  • Participate in student organizations, campus activities, and the programming of the Pre-Professional Advising Office to learn about opportunities to enhance your undergraduate experience, the law school application process, law school programs, the legal profession, and alternative pathways.
  • Engage in meaningful inquiry to gain a more accurate understanding of both law school and the realities of the legal profession. Talk to lawyers, get involved in law-related activities, explore the profession through an internship or shadowing experience, take a course or courses that touch on legal topics, and read about the profession.
  • Meet with a pre-law advisor. We are a great resource for advice and information. Don’t wait until you have decided to apply to law school to meet with us! Pre-law advising can begin as early as Orientation in the summer before your freshman year.

Law school and the practice of law can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Take the time to investigate whether the study of law and the legal profession are the right fit for you!