Prelaw Advising

The Pre-Professional Advising Office provides students and alumni considering law school and careers in law with a full range of information and services. Whether you are planning on pursuing a career in the field of law or are simply exploring the option, we encourage you to connect with our office. We sponsor informational meetings and workshops as well as provide a variety of programs, services, and resources to help students make academic choices, explore extracurricular activities, learn about the legal profession, consider alternative pathways, and navigate the application process. Students who join our mailing list will receive e-mail notices about our programming as well as related meetings and events taking place on campus and in the Boston area. Fill out our online form HERE.

Our resource library, available for in-office use, includes holdings relating to career options within the legal profession, undergraduate preparation for success in legal education, the law school application process, individual law schools, and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The library is open during our normal business hours. We invite you to come in to take a self-administered practice LSAT, read the latest edition of the National Law Journal, or peruse our internships binder.

As a component of the law school application, some law schools require the Dean’s Letter of Recommendation (also called the Dean’s Certification, College Questionnaire, or College Certification). Even those law schools that do not require the Dean’s Letter may still take it into consideration as a part of your application package. At Boston University, the Pre-Professional Advising Office is responsible for completing dean’s letters. For further information on this process or to request a Registration Packet, contact the Pre-Professional Advising Office.