The Graduate Student Speaker Series is organized by a few of our graduate students to bring in a variety of speakers from across subfields.

Fall 2022 Schedule TBA


Organizers: Zara Albright, Cat Abou KhalilFlorian Bodamer, Gizem Kaftan, Erin Tatz, and Chas Walker

Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Name of the Talk
Sept. 22 Kevin Quashie Brown University Black Aliveness and the Commons
Oct. 18 Vesla Weaver John Hopkins University The State from Below: Racial Authoritarianism in US Democracy
Nov. 3 Saad Gulzar Stanford University The Gender (Dis)comfort Gap: The Effects of Gender on Everyday Interactions
Feb. 16 Anna Grzymala-Busse Stanford University Tilly Goes to Church: The Religious and Medieval Origins of the Modern State
Feb.22 Jake Grumbach University of Washington Laboratories of Democratic Backsliding
Apr. 27 Renanah Joyce Brandeis University Market for Access: Need, Competition, and the Prospects for Power Projection

Archives from previous years can be found here.