The Research in Comparative Politics (RCP) workshop serves as a forum for the presentation of research by faculty and graduate students in comparative politics.

Organizers: Steve Rosenzweig, Noora Lori, and Estelle Brun.

RCP will be held from 1-2:15 PM at the Eilts Room on the 2nd Floor of 154 Bay State Road on the dates noted below. Papers will be available prior to the presentation on this page by clicking on the topic title below.

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 20 Noam Lupu (Vanderbilt) “Keeping Workers Off the Ballot: How Electoral Democracy Undermines
Working-Class Representation”
Oct 11 Mashail Malik (Harvard) “Discrimination & Defiant Pride: How the Demand for Dignity Creates Slack for Poor Governance”

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 31 Danny Choi (Brown) “Severed Connections: Intraparty Politics and Representation in Kenya”
Feb 14 Marsin Alshamary (Boston College) “Shi’a Clerical Participation in Anti-Government Protests in Ba’athist Iraq”
Mar 27 Aram Hur (Tufts) “Narratives of Inclusion: National Stories and Migrant Integration in South Korea”
Apr 3 Prerna Singh (Brown) “Moral Vaccination: How Ideas and Institutions Controlled Contagion in China and India in the 19th and 20th centuries”
Apr 24 David Art (Tufts) “The Resilience of the Old Regime: Paths Around Democracy in Europe, 1832-1919”

Archives from previous years can be found here.