Faculty Emeriti

Edouard Bustin
Office: ASC 407
Phone: 617.353.7307
E-mail: ebustin@bu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics; African Studies; International Relations

Walter Clemens
E-mail: wclemens@bu.edu
Specialization: Negotiation; International Relations; American Foreign Policy; Post-Soviet Studies; the Baltic Region; Culture and Human Development

Walter D. Connor
E-mail: wdconnor@bu.edu
Specialization: Comparative Politics; International Relations; Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics

Irene Gendzier
E-mail: gendzier@bu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics; Political Development; International Political Economy; Middle Eastern Studies

Robert Jackson
Office: IR 405
Phone: 617.358.0191
E-mail: rjackson@bu.edu
Specialization: Post-Colonial African Politics; Doctrines and History of State Sovereignty; International Law

Christine Rossell
E-mail: crossell@bu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Public Policy; Public Policy Analysis; American Politics; School Desegregation and Bilingual Education Policy; Education Policy; Urban Politics and Policy; Methodology

Virginia Sapiro, Dean Emerita
Areas of Specialization:
Political Psychology; Political Behavior and Public Opinion; Gender Politics; Feminist and Democratic Theory; Higher Education

Mark Silverstein
E-mail: msilvers@bu.edu
Areas of Specialization: American Politics; Public Law