While You’re Here

Start Planning Your Career

Individual development plans help postdocs identify their career goals and professional development needs. They can also be a great conversation tool between postdocs and faculty mentors to ensure that postdocs develop the skills they need to be successful both here at BU and throughout their career. PDPA is developing templates and tools specific to BU, but in the meantime there are also resources online to get you started.

Develop Your Skills

PDPA and our partners offer many events throughout the year to help you develop your skills and facilitate connections within the postdoc community. You can find our events here. Have ideas of things you’d like to learn that we aren’t covering? Send us an email to let us know.

Build Your Support Network

Whether things are going smoothly or you are facing challenges, BU has offices that can help and support you. The Office of the Ombuds can be a good first step if you have a concern and you don’t know where to turn for help. The Faculty & Staff Assistance Office also offers free, confidential counseling and referral services for Boston University faculty, staff, and their families. If you’re looking to build your network, consider joining the Boston University Postdoctoral Association and meet other postdocs from around campus.

Schedule a One on One Meeting

Need advice on future careers, proposal preparation, or guidance about your postdoc experience? Schedule a one on one meeting with the Assistant Provost, Sarah Chobot Hokanson, by filling out this form:

Get Funding

Use COS Pivot to explore funding opportunities and work with your departmental administrator and Sponsored Programs to submit your proposal. Explore more options for funding through the Research website.