This site is for PCards only. To apply for a Travel card, visit THIS LINK. Do not apply for a Travel Card on this page
  1. Read the Purchasing Card Policy.
  2. Download and fill out the Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement form.  Both the cardholder and the approver must sign the form or the application will be rejected.
  3. Fill out the Boston University Purchasing Card Application.  Be sure to attach the Cardholder Agreement from step 2 at the bottom of the application.
  4. Take the PCard training. Once you have finished, the PCard administrator will receive an email informing them that the training has been completed.
  5. Once the completed application materials are received, processing time is 2-3 weeks. PCards will be sent directly to the cardholder’s address listed in the application.
  6. Follow card activation procedure (by calling toll-free number on card).