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High School Senior Celebrations

Written by a Fellow BU Parent Congratulations to all the parents and family members of BU’s Class of 2026. I’d like to be among the first to welcome you to the University. As you will learn, your students are about to become part of a diverse and accomplished class, perhaps the most accomplished ever (they […]

How To Support Your College Student from Afar

By Lynn L. Brandsma, Ph.D.   A quick search for books on how to parent college-age students results in a mere handful of choices compared to the endless books on how to raise a toddler or school-age child. Actually, one can find numerous parenting advice books all the way up through the teenage years. Understandably, […]

The First Winter Break

I was so excited I could barely stand it. I think I started counting down the days, until he came home, from the moment I moved him into Kilachand. But when he came home, things had changed. He had changed. He was accustomed to being on his own, coming and going how he wanted, when […]

Thoughts on a Lonely Thanksgiving Weekend

If you are like me, you had some unexpected free time on your hands over Thanksgiving weekend. Usually it flies by in a haze of activities related to family and food but, at least in my house, things lagged a little. Thanksgiving in a pandemic with difficult travel restrictions, quarantining, social distancing and limited group […]

What is your Plan B?

By A Fellow BU Parent Throughout my life I’ve tried to live by a couple of different principles and pass them onto my son, a fellow BU student:   Life isn’t always easy, but I was responsible for my own experiences and my own happiness. Since life consistently throws curveballs, what is your Plan B? […]

Thank you, Boston University from a Class of 2020 Parent

By Marie Calvo Monge, Parent of Noelle, CAS’2020, Member of the Parent & Family Advisory Board In September of 2016, we dropped our daughter off to start her college journey at Boston University. I vividly remember the night we bid farewell to her at Warren Towers. My husband and I tearfully embraced her before we […]

They’re Back! The Delicate Dance of Navigating Family Boundaries During Quarantine

By Liz Yokubison, writer, author and mother of Alex, ENG‘21 Across the country and around the world, social distancing and stay-at-home orders associated with COVID-19 have disrupted everyday life. Even college students are not immune to these unprecedented times. With campuses shut down and students returning home to finish the semester online, some parents/guardians are […]

An Open Letter to the Boston University Class of 2020

THE CLASS OF 2020 WILL BE DEFINED BY THE ATROCITY OF THIS GLOBAL PANDEMIC But not in the way you may think… Rather, each and everyone of you will be defined by how you acted during this crisis, whatever your particular circumstance was, how you utilized the resources you had, and how you created survival […]

Off-Campus Housing at BU – Things to Consider

By Liz Yokubison, Parent of Alex, ENG’21 Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about off-campus housing for next year. Since BU is in the heart of Boston, this statement likely incites a shiver of anxiety in some parents or guardians. In addition to safety concerns about students living off-campus, there are […]