Diasporas and Development

Project Coordinator: Prof. Susan Eckstein

migration-research1In this Pardee research project, the Center brought together scholarship and insight from a variety of disciplines to examine examples from across the globe on the variety of ways in which diasporas impact the development of the countries they had originally left behind.

This project sought to build upon and convene a body of exciting literature emerging in different disciplines on issues pertaining to the question of what impact diasporas (defined, tentatively, as populations that have left one ‘home’ society and settled in another ‘host’ society, while maintaining some group identity and meaningful associations with the ‘home’ society) have on the society (country) they originally came from. The project purposefully adopted a broad view of the question at hand.


The project held an authors’ conference in September 2009, in which the first drafts of the chapters for the book were presented.

The book was published in 2010.