New Book from Pardee Center Project on Diasporas and Development

Immigrants Homelands A new book titled How Immigrants Impact Their Homelands published by Duke University Press is the outcome of a Pardee Center Research Project, Diasporas and Development. The Pardee Center Research Project brought together experts from a variety of disciplines to build on the body of literature on the issues relating to the impact diasporas have on the society in their county of origin. The project included an authors’ conference in September 2009, in which the first drafts of the chapters for the book were presented. How Immigrants Impact Their Homelands is edited by Former Pardee Director Adil Najam and Pardee Faculty Fellow Susan Eckstein.

This edited volume is the third academic book to result from a Pardee Center research project that included an authors’ conference. Previous books include China Today, China Tomorrow: Domestic Politics, Economy and Society (2010, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers) edited by Pardee Faculty Fellow Joseph Fewsmith stemming from a 2008 conference, Where Is China Headed?, and more recently The Future of South-South Economic Relations (2012, Zed Books), edited Adil Najam and Pardee Center Research Fellow Rachel Denae Thrasher. The latter book is the result of a 2010 Pardee Center conference by the same name.