People of The Lab

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Principal Investigator

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Thomas D. Gilmore, PhD
Professor of Biology at Boston University
617-353-5444; 617-353-6340 (fax)

Current Graduate Students

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Joshua Aguirre
PhD Candidate

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Christopher DiRusso
PhD Candidate


Mengrui Wang
PhD Candidate












Maria Valadez Ingersoll
PhD Student


Wei Wang
PhD Student

Current Undergraduate Students












Niharika Desai
4th Year











Caoimhe Bodnar
3rd Year










Judy Wong
4th Year












Avery Jerris
4th Year

Recent Graduates

  • Leah Williams, PhD 2021, NF-κB pathway roles in Orbicella faveolata bleaching and infection
    • Now: CRISPR Therapeutics
  • Katelyn Mansfield, PhD 2019, Project: NF-κB roles in symbiosis using Aiptasia
    • Now: Biogen
  • Joseph Brennan, PhD 2018, Project: Characterization of Nematostella vectensis Toll-like Receptor function
    • Now: Pfizer

For lab members, call 617-353-5445 or 617-353-5747