NF-kB Reagents

This page provides information about reagents that may be valuable to researchers studying the NF-kB signaling pathway.  This information is based on our experience (or that of others), and we do not swear to its accuracy (especially since different lots of antisera may vary).  We welcome comments that will help us keep the information accurate. 
ANTIBODIES (see below for abbreviations)

IKKgamma/NEMO:  Cell Signaling Technology (#2685; Hu)

IKKbeta: Cell Signaling Technology (#2684, Hu); Upstate (#05535; Hu)

IKKalpha: Imgenex (IMG-5477; Hu, Ra, Mo)

Anti-RelA/p65: Santa Cruz (sc-372x; Hu/Mo; SS)

Anti-RelB: Santa Cruz (C-19; Hu; WB)

Anti-p50/p105: Santa Cruz (H-119; Hu; WB) (sc-7187x; Hu; SS) (sc-114x; Mo; SS)

Anti-p52/p100: Santa Cruz (K27; Hu; WB) (sc-298x; SS)

Anti-IkBalpha:  Santa Cruz (C15, Hu; WB)

Anti-phospho-IkBalpha:  Cell Signaling Technology (#9241; Hu, Mo; WB)

Anti-IkBbeta: Santa Cruz (sc-946; Hu; WB)

Anti-IkBe: Santa Cruz (M-121; Hu; WB)


3xkB-Luc:  3 kB sites from the MHC enhancer, upstream of luciferase gene (Starczynowski et al, 2005)

HIV-CAT:  the HIV-1 LTR enhancer with 2 kB sites upstream of the CAT gene (Richardson et al, 1990)

GAL4-luc:  GAL4 DNA-binding sites upstream of the luciferase gene (Starczynowski et al, 2005)


pcDNA3-based vectors are available upon request from us for the expression of the following full-length cDNAs:  human, mouse, chicken c-rel; or v-rel; FLAG-human IKKbeta; FLAG-human IKKalpha; FLAG-human IKKgamma (NEMO).

pSG424-based vectors for the expression of GAL4 fusion proteins are availabe from us for the expression of fusion proteins to:  the transactivation domains of human, mouse, and chicken c-Rel; human p65; v-Rel; chicken and mouse RelB.


Hu, Human; Mo, Mouse

WB, Western blot; SS, supershift