About Boston University

Aerial view looking westward from Kenmore Square to West Campus, with the Charles River on the north side.Located in a world-class city brimming with urban and cultural attractions, natural beauty, and historic sites, Boston University is a community like no other. A diverse, sprawling campus that stretches the length of Commonwealth Avenue from Kenmore Square to Packard’s Corner. With a dramatic scope of faculty, students, staff, and facilities.

What compelled the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to award Boston University a grant to fight newborn mortality in Zambia? Why did Martin Luther King, Jr. adopt BU as a place where he could hone his message of justice and equality? Why is Boston University ranked #41 in national universities by U.S. News & World Report for 2022? And what is the catalyst that prompts 36,729 students to call BU their home? It’s in our DNA: an inherent desire in each of our students, faculty, and staff to vigorously and dauntlessly pursue knowledge—and embrace the unlimited possibilities that come with it.

A Community Unlike Any Other

As you can see below, it takes people, ideas, and a little luck (Boston, you’re our town) to make BU what it is today: one of the most dynamic universities in the world.

Celebrated thinkers: On any given day, students will find themselves mesmerized by poets laureate, Presidential Award winners, and Fulbright Scholars, among others.

Extraordinary teaching: When a classroom starts to percolate with new ideas, it’s because our faculty of scholars and accomplished practitioners know how to ignite students’ imaginations. That’s why we reward our best teachers with BU’s most prestigious honor: The Metcalf Cup and Prize.

Groundbreaking research: With faculty dedicated to a creative, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, BU has become a leading global research institution—propelled forward by $531.2 million in grants and contract awards in FY2022. In fall 2012, BU was invited to join the Association of American Universities, an elite organization of 64 other leading research universities in the United States and Canada.

3 smiling BU graduates in red gowns and black mortarboard caps, with one standing and clapping.World-class students: Elite students from all 50 states and 130+ countries pursue higher education on BU campuses in Boston and at programs in LA, D.C., and more than 20 other cities on six continents.

A city within a city: Today, 75 percent of our undergrads live on campus, which could explain our 450+ student activity groups alone.

The greatest college town in the world: Boston. ’Nuff said.

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