Inter-Professional Education (IPE)

Director: Emily Feinberg, ScD, CPNP, MSN

MPH students, with the MCH, Sex, Gender, & Sexuality, or Mental Health and Substance Use Certificates, are often trained in or seek training in another clinical or social care field and seek to integrate public health with the other discipline or practice. Inter-professional education (IPE) is a strategy for trainees from more than one health or social care profession (or both) to learn interactively together, for the purpose of improving collaboration or the health and well-being of patients/clients (or both).

The MCH Center for Excellence, in collaboration with its partners in the BU Schools of Medicine, LawDental MedicineSocial Work, Educationand Business, provides opportunities for MPH students to engage in IPE extracurricular learning.



  • IPE-focused forums to explore challenges and opportunities in integrating public health and clinical careers and mentoring with clinicians or CHS faculty
  • Summer course and clinical case conference series which allows students across the schools to explore roles and responsibilities of the different health professions, enhance communication skills, and learn how to effectively function as a member of a team
  • Inter-professional international and local practice experiences, which give students from the schools of dentistry, medicine and public health the opportunity to work together.

For more information contact IPE director, Emily Feinberg