Collection Selector

General Purpose of the Collection

The Management collection, located in the Frederick S. Pardee Management Library, supports the curriculum, research, and programs of the Questrom School of Business. The collection also supports the business and management research needs of all members of the Boston University community.

The Management Collection acquires classic and current works in the major areas of business and management including accounting, marketing, finance, managerial economics, operations management, organizational behavior, marketing, management information systems, human resources management, and public and nonprofit management. In support of the Questrom School of Business’ emphasis on health, digital technology, and energy and the environment, material is also collected in the areas of health care economics and management, information technology, and energy and environmental issues.  Works on business ethics, innovation, social responsibility, and the global nature of business are also an integral part of the collection.

The collection consists of company histories and descriptions, reports on the activities of specific businesses, theoretical discussions of management principles, business practices in general, and managerial theories as applied to a variety of situations. Also included are scholarly works on the sociological, psychological, and ethical implications of current management principles and practices.

The collection includes scholarly periodicals; some industry trade publications; continuing series; publications of professional organizations, institutions, and university-based groups; financial newspapers; and reference and information sources. Electronic databases of business, management and other information are also available.

The Questrom School of Business offers undergraduate (BA) and graduate degrees in management. The graduate degrees offered by the School of Business include: the MBA, the Executive MBA, the MBA/MS in Information Systems, the MS and PhD in Mathematical Finance, and the PhD in Management. Two year MBA programs include the Public and Nonprofit Management and Health Sector Management programs. The following dual degrees are offered: MBA/MS in Information Systems, MBA/MS in Media Ventures, MBA/MA in International Relations, MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering, MBA/MA in Economics, MBA/JD in Law and Management, MBA/JD in Health Sector Management, MBA/MA in Medical Science, MBA/MPH in Health Care Management, MBA/MPH in Global Health Management, MBA/MPH in Health Care Management, and the MD/MBA. Executive programs include the Executive MBA and various non-degree and certificate programs.

Research Centers of the Questrom School of Business include: Behavioral Lab, BuzzLab, Center for Team Learning (CTL), Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT), Human Resources Policy Institute (HRPI), Institute for Sustainable Energy, and the Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy.

The management collections support research and instruction in schools and colleges throughout the University. In the College of Communication, Pardee Library collections and services support programs such as Media Ventures, Business and Economics Journalism, and Mass Communication and Advertising. In the College of Engineering, programs in Manufacturing Engineering and in other related disciplines receive library support. Metropolitan College degree, certificate, and diploma programs in Administrative Sciences, Business Management, Project Management, Arts Administration, and in the new Accelerated Degree Completion Program also receive library support. The library collections also support courses and programs in the School of Hospitality Administration.

Scope of Coverage

Languages collected (primary and selective) or excluded
Works are acquired in English; however, material covering economic or business conditions in other countries may be acquired in the language of those countries.
Geographical areas covered by the collections in terms of intellectual content, publication sources, or both, and specific areas excluded, as appropriate
To support the international focus of the Questrom School of Business, materials on business and management topics from and about all areas of the world are acquired.
Chronological periods covered by the collection in terms of intellectual content, movements or schools, and specific periods excluded, as appropriate
Works covering recent business history (within the last 20 years) are collected selectively; emphasis is on current practices, thought or movements.
Chronological periods collected in terms of publication dates, and specific periods excluded, as appropriate
The emphasis of the collection is on current publications; historical publications are acquired selectively.

Although the major portion of the Management collection is in the Frederick S. Pardee Management Library, related material can be found in Mugar Memorial Library and in the Science and Engineering Library. Patrons should use the Boston University Library online catalog to locate material.

General Subject Boundaries and Library Locations

Management materials can be found in many call number ranges. The major call number ranges for the management material in Pardee Management Library are listed below.


  • HB 615 : Entrepreneurship
  • HD 28-70 : Industry, Management
  • HD 2321- 4730.9 : Industry, Business, Industrial Policy
  • HF : Commerce, Business, Accounting, Advertising
  • HG : Finance
  • HM 1261 : Leadership
  • HV 6691 – 6698 : Fraud, Corrupt Practices, Ponzi Schemes, Commercial Crimes
  • RA : Medical Economics

Collected Selectively:

  • HD 4801 – 8943 : Labor
  • HD 9000 – 9999 : Special Industries and Trade
  • HE 5601 – 5720 : Automotive Transportation
  • HE 7601 – 9721 : Telecommunications Industry; Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • HE 9761 – 9900 : Air Transportation
  • KDE-KHP : Law
  • QA : Mathematics
  • T 55.4 – 60.8 : Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, etc.
  • TS 155 – 194 : Production Management
  • TX 901 – 953 : Hotels, Restaurants, and Food Service
  • Z7164 .C81 : Business Bibliography
  • Z8001 – 8999 : Personal Bibliography

Collected Very Selectively:

  • HA : Statistics
  • HB : Economic Theory
  • HC : Economic History

Related subjects and Interdisciplinary Relationships

Management subjects are related to other areas of the libraries’ collections.

The Communication Librarian selects and acquires material for Mugar Memorial Library in the areas of mass communications, mass media, broadcasting, the motion picture industry, and radio and television broadcasting.
Computer Science
Material on the technical aspects of computers and computing is acquired by the Computer Science selector and located in the Science and Engineering Library. The Management Collection includes works on the computer industry.
Material covering general statistics and the economic conditions of the United States and other countries is selected by the Economics Librarian. While most of these materials are located in Mugar Memorial Library, some economics and statistical information resources are available in the Frederick S. Pardee Management Library.
Works on the technical aspects of management are acquired by the Engineering Librarian and located in the Science and Engineering Library and in Mugar Memorial Library.
Health Sciences
Works on health care institutions, health care reform, and health maintenance organizations are collected by the Health Sciences Bibliographer. The Management Collection includes materials on the management of health care institutions, on health care economics and finance, on health care marketing, and on other health care issues.
Hospitality Administration
The Hospitality Administration Librarian acquires material on hotel and restaurant management and tourism marketing and management. These materials are located in Mugar Memorial Library.
In addition to the Mathematics Collection, located primarily in the Science and Engineering Library, the Management Collection includes works on operations research, mathematical finance, probability and statistics as applied to management and finance.

Types of Materials

Books, periodicals, microforms, newspapers, proceedings; reference materials including statistical sources, directories, financial and investment services, abstracts and indexes.
Collected Selectively
Electronic resources, popular works, and works that contain previously published articles.
Not Collected
Textbooks, audio-visual materials.

Other On-Campus or Local Resources

The collections of the Pappas Law Library and the Alumni Medical Library of Boston University contain materials that are of interest to business/management researchers. The Pappas Law Library has a sizable collection of business material, including relevant materials on corporate legal issues. The Alumni Medical Library is a resource for those interested in medical issues, health care administration, health care economics and related subjects.

The Kirstein Business Library, located in the Boston Public Library’s Central Library in Copley Square, has an extensive collection of industry and trade publications that are available in print and through several online business databases available through remote access. Information on acquiring an eCard for access is available here.