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Founded in 1988 as an institute at the School of Management at Boston University devoted to the study of issues in leadership and executive development, the Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT) continues to build a community of executive development professionals who are passionate about the field of leadership and developing world class leaders.

What makes a leader a leader? Can we help leaders improve their skills? Can we identify high potential leaders among our younger staff and help them grow? What traits, issues, worries, experiences and challenges do leaders share? What can a body of academic researchers and real-world practitioners from leading organizations do together to help executives and senior leaders maximize their own and their companies’ potential?

These are the driving questions of EDRT and they continue today.

EDRT operates at the unique intersection of academic research and contemporary real-world business applications. EDRT Members, who represent leading corporate, public and non-profit institutions, have the strategic advantage of learning from and contributing to the latest applied research on how successful executives drive their organizations and why executive development remains a key competitive advantage in business today.

EDRT provides members with a collegial and open environment where upper-level leadership and executive development professionals can discuss best practice solutions, obtain industry-specific benchmarking tools, and gain the overall professional development they need. EDRT meetings, facilitated by world-class speakers and thought leaders on executive development, include closed-door, roundtable discussions of leaders from a wide cross section of industries, where confidential ideas may be shared, where problem-solving is a group effort, and where the sharing of both familiar and unique organizational challenges help build a deeply rewarding network. EDRT faculty, whose work on leadership and executive development is well known and respected throughout academic and practitioner circles, provide corporate members with the tools of solid quantitative and qualitative research, readily applied. Here, long-term learning communities and rich friendships are built. Once a year, the Marion F. Gislason Award is given to a distinguished individual in the leadership development field for the excellence of his/her work in advancing the state of knowledge or act of practice.

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary, but the first 25 years are only the beginning. Flashback through 25 great years of leadership in EDRT, by watching this video commemorating our anniversary. EDRT has grown over the years, with a thriving collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership, for EDRT members to received premium CCL benefits and content. This alliance was forged in 2010 to extend EDRT’s value proposition and maximize membership opportunities and reach for both Boston University and CCL. Our members are provided full access to CCL’s Leadership Guidebooks, Publications, Webinars, discounts to Open Enrollment Programs and other valuable CCL benefits. More importantly, this alliance strengthens and deepens EDRT’s learning community.

These are exciting times for EDRT! We look forward to working with you to develop the next generation of senior leaders. Thank you for your visit and interest.

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Fall 2014

The EDRT Fall 2014 Meeting will be held on November 13-14, 2014 at Hotel Commonwealth, Boston, MA.  The theme of this meeting is “Developing a Global Leadership Mindset.”  

EDRT is very pleased to announce that Dr. Linda A. Hill, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, will be the keynote speaker at our Fall meeting.  Professor Hill is a preeminent leadership scholar whose work focuses on developing exemplary leaders who can lead innovation in complex organizations and rapidly changing industries around the world. Most recently, Professor Hill co-authored Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation, which examined exceptional leaders of innovation in a wide range of industries across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Business Insider named Collective Genius one of “The 20 Best Business Books” in summer 2014. She is a frequent speaker and consultant in the areas of talent management, leading change and implementing global strategies with major global firms, including GE, Pfizer, the National Bank of Kuwait, Mitsubishi and IBM. She was named by Thinkers50 as one of the top ten management thinkers in the world. We are delighted to have Linda Hill be with us at the Fall 2014 EDRT Meeting.

Additional speakers and meeting details to follow soon. Mark your calendar for this exciting event.  Check out the Meeting Agenda!