The coordinators for Codebreakers 2021 are:

Trent Chismar


Trent Chismar is a rising senior studying computer science, with an interest in cybersecurity. In his free time, he enjoys being in outside, hiking, biking and sailing.

Sylvia Yan


Sylvia Yan is a rising junior studying computer science and biology at Boston University with a particular interest in cybersecurity and the intersection between biology and cs. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, trying new things around Boston, and spending hours in the gym weightlifting.

Conor Walsh


Conor Walsh is a rising junior studying computer science at Boston University. He has an interest in cybersecurity, specifically formal methods. He loves how computer science can be used to solve so many different types of problems. In his free time he enjoys watching movies, going to red sox games and skiing.

Codebreakers 2021 High School Intern:

Isabelle Gu


Isabelle Gu is a rising senior at Westborough High School. She is passionate about computer science and hopes to pursue it in the future and is particularly interested in the intersection between technology and business. Outside of school and her academic interests, Isabelle plays the piano and violin. She also enjoys watching movies, going on walks, and biking in her free time.