The coordinators for Codebreakers 2017 are:

JianYi Huang


JianYi Huang is a Masters Student at UMass Amherst studying Cyber Security. He studied computer crime laws, cryptography and digital forensics during his bachelor’s degree. He also loves sports especially volleyball.

Sarah Larbi


Sarah Larbi is an undergrad student at Boston University studying Comptuer Science. Her interest is primarily in network security and cryptography. When not studying, she can be found teaching yoga or exploring national parks.


Shreeya Khadka


Shreeya Khadka is a graduate student at Boston University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. She has done everything from Physics to Computer Science to Mathematics to Engineering. Her hobbies include learning about deep-sea creatures and watching cooking videos, but she is terrible at following recipes.

Shay Iyer


Shay is an intern for the Codebreakers 2017 program. She is a rising junior at Lincoln School in Providence, Rhode Island She Participated in the Artemis Project 2 years ago and Codebreakers last year! She loves computer science, engineering, music, and every kind of dog.