William W. Park

Professor of Law

R. Gordon Butler Scholar in International Law

BA, Yale University
JD, Columbia University
MA, University of Cambridge

Areas of Interest
Banking & Financial Instruments, Corporate, Business & Transactional Law, International & Comparative Law, International Arbitration, Tax Law

Professor William (Rusty) Park teaches in the area of international business law. His research interests include conflict of laws and the interaction of law and religion. After studies at Yale and Columbia, Park practiced in Paris until returning home to Boston, where he served as Director of Boston University’s Center for Banking and Financial Law.

Park is Past President of the London Court of International Arbitration and General Editor of Arbitration International. He has held visiting academic appointments in Cambridge (where he was a Fellow of Selwyn College), Dijon, Hong Kong, Auckland and Geneva. A member of the Governing Board of the International Council for Commercial Arbitration, the Board (Vorstand) of the Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage and the Board of the American Arbitration Association, Park served as arbitrator on the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts and the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims.

President George W. Bush appointed Park to the Panel of Arbitrators for the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute. In his honor, Oxford University Press named its annual prize for arbitration scholarship, “The Rusty Park Prize in International Arbitration.”

Park’s books include Arbitration of International Business Disputes, International Forum Selection, ICC Arbitration (with Craig and Paulsson), International Commercial Arbitration (with Reisman, Craig and Paulsson) and Income Tax Treaty Arbitration (with Tillinghast).

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