Int'l Immigration and Refugee Law & Policy (S)


We will address major themes and controversies in international immigration and refugee law and policy, including: Is there a need for international immigration law, and how is international immigration law beneficial for the facilitation of global mobility and the protection of the rights of migrants? What are some of the challenges that international migration poses to sovereign states? How is International immigration shaped by colonialism and neo-colonialism, household decision making processes, changes in national and international labor markets, and other factors? What are some of the structural forces creating inequality in access to global migration? What are the international agencies dealing with international migration? What are the main categories of migrants, how are their rights protected under international law and what is the relationship between them? What is the definition of refugee in international law? How should responsibility for international migrants be shared internationally? Classes will look into these questions through examining legal doctrine and theory and through examining case studies from different countries, including, but not limited to, the United States.