Latin American Studies BA & Minor


Interdisciplinary in nature and scope, the programs bring together a rich variety of courses that span fields of studies such as Archaeology, Art HistoryEconomics, History, International Relations, Political Science, Romance Studies, and Sociology.

Major in Latin American Studies

The major in Latin American Studies is a regionally focused, in-depth study of the history, politics, art, and economy of Latin America. This program, offered by the Pardee School of Global Studies to students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, provides students with a broad, solid grounding in the culture, politics, economics, and social life of Latin America today and historically.

The major combines coursework across historical, artistic and literary, and contemporary contexts with an integrating course taught jointly by members of the LAS faculty, as well as substantial study of Spanish or Portuguese to gain functional proficiency in a language used extensively in the region. LAS faculty closely advise each student in the major to ensure intellectual coherence between the student’s interests and coursework.

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Minor in Latin American Studies

The minor in Latin American Studies (LAS), offered by the Pardee School of Global Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, is available to students enrolled in any of BU’s four-year undergraduate schools and colleges. It provides students with a versatile vehicle for acquiring an understanding of the remarkably diverse Latin American region.

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