The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (LAS MA)

The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (LAS MA) prepares students for work in the private sector, government, policy and research think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, international institutions and education. It is a versatile and rigorous one-year program that provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the regional context, languages, dynamics, and issues in Latin America today. The program exposes students to a range of facets of Latin America and provides them with in-depth training in chosen subject areas… To read more Click Here


LAS Undergraduate Studies

The major in Latin American Studies program is a regionally focused, in-depth study of the history, politics, art, and economy of Latin America. The region is defined geographically by the 20 independent countries in the western hemisphere south of the United States with Spanish, French, or Portuguese as the official language.

Both major and minor studies combine a focus on pre-Columbian and historical context, art and literature, and current social, economic, political, and foreign policy context. It also includes substantial study of Spanish or Portuguese to gain competence in a language used extensively in the region… To read more Click Here