Spring Semester 2021

All Spring 2021 seminars were conducted virtually via Zoom

Date Title/Topic Speaker Affiliation
Feb 8 How much should you trust stellar models? Jamie Tayar University of Hawaii
Feb 11 BU Diversity / Inclusion Vincent Stephens Boston University
Feb 22 SOFIA: Observing the Infrared Universe at Mach 0.9 James De Buizer SOFIA-USRA
Mar 1 The Single-lined Eclipsing Binary Advantage with TESS and Gaia Dan Stevens Penn State University
Mar 22 Joint Gaia-VLBI analysis as a key to the physics of AGN nuclei Yuri Y. Kovalev Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow
Mar 29 Radio exoplanets and stars at low-frequencies Joseph Callingham Leiden University
Apr 12 A Statistical Population Study of Small Planets from TESS Johanna Teske Carnegie Earth and Planets Lab
Apr 26 Planet-forming disks in the era of ALMA Laura Pérez Universidad de Chile