Past Events

Cool Stars 20

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The Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun (“Cool Stars”) has been running for 37 years. The first workshop was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980. Since then, Cool Stars has been held largely biennially, alternating between North America and Europe, where approximately 400 international experts in Low-Mass Stars, Solar Physics, and Exoplanets meet to exchange ideas in a cross-disciplinary and friendly environment.

Four institutions in the Boston area (Boston University, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Harvard College Observatory / Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), MIT, and University of Massachusetts Lowell) jointly organized Cool Stars 20 which will be held at Boston University in Boston/Cambridge, MA from July 29 to August 03, 2018. (source)

Space Science for Kids

On June 15th, 2018 our sister research center, the Center for Space Physics opened its doors to local schools and kids ages 10+ who are curious about space and science for an afternoon of learning as a part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations. Events included interactive experiments, posters, and opportunities to interact with scientists at different stages of their careers.

Space Science for Kids was a collaborative effort between staff, faculty, and students from the Institute for Astrophysical Research and Departments of Astronomy, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Booths ranged in topics, covering optics, rocket launches, and many aspects of exploration of the solar system.

Take a look at our lab booklets and map of the universe here!

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