Boston Globe – His Holy Grail would be detecting life on another planet

In a recent article from The Boston Globe, IAR’s Assistant Professor Philip Muirhead discusses the reasoning for his work and what his ‘Holy Grail’ would be: finding evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

Credit: Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe

“The more we learn about the universe, the more alone it feels. In our evolution from an earth-centered universe, to a sun-centered universe, to a universe with no center and vast amounts of space in between stars and galaxies, it can feel more and more alone. The discovery of life on another planet would change context dramatically. Science fiction writer Arthur Clarke said, ‘Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine — it is stranger than we can imagine.’ There will be more discoveries within our lifetime, and who knows what they will indicate? Maybe life on another planet or something else, but we have to approach [it] with an open mind, imagination, and with scientific rigor.”

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