BU Astronomy Alumnus Paul Dalba awarded the prestigious 51 Pegasi b Fellowship

Recent BU Astronomy Alumnus Paul Dalba (GRS PhD ’18, advisor Prof. Muirhead) has been awarded the prestigious 51 Pegasi b Fellowship.

“The Heising-Simons Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s 51 Pegasi b Fellowship recipients. The eight early-career scientists were selected based on their outstanding research achievements, innovative research plans, and potential to impact the field of planetary astronomy.

Launched by the foundation in 2017, the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship provides exceptional early-career scientists with the opportunity to conduct theoretical, observational, and experimental research in planetary astronomy. Each recipient will receive a three-year grant of up to $385,000 to pursue their proposed research at their selected host institution”

Paul will be hosted by the University of California, Santa Cruz.

More information is here:



Congratulations, Paul!

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