Seminar Series

Note: Fall 2023 seminars MAY be conducted virtually via Zoom


***For Zoom meeting link, please email CSPIAR@BU.EDU***


To see a list of previous semesters’ seminars, please visit our Past Astrophysics Colloquia page.


Fall 2023 Schedule



Date Title/Topic Speaker Affiliation
Sep 25 A Holistic Perspective of Gas-Giant Planet Formation via Atmospheric Characterization, Planet-Star Synergy, and Large Sky Surveys Zhoujian Zhang University of California, Santa Cruz
Oct 10 (Tue) Grant Tremblay Harvard University
Oct 23 Kishalay De Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oct 30 How to effectively and meaningfully engage underserved and disproportionately impacted communities in STEM learning Heidi White Université de Montréal
Nov 6 Bhuvnesh Jain University of Pennsylvania
Nov 27 Catherine Zucker Harvard University
Dec 11 Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs Siyi Xu National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory