Spring 2022

To see a list of previous semesters’ seminars, please visit our Past Astrophysics Colloquia page.

Spring 2022 Schedule

Date Title/Topic Speaker Affiliation
Jan 31 12:30 – zoom Stellar Interactions & Transients Silvia Toonen University of Amsterdam
Feb 22 (Tue) – zoom Jennifer Marshall Texas A&M
Mar 14 – CAS 502 Probing Cosmology with Magneticum Simulations Priyanka Singh Yale University
Mar 28 – CAS 502 Revealing Obscured Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the Early Universe Sinclaire Manning UMass Amherst
Apr 4 – zoom Disentangling dark matter physics through cosmological hydrodynamics simulations of low mass galaxies and Local Group observations Victor Robles Sanchez Yale University
Apr 11 – CAS 502 Gargantua of the Cosmos: Jetted Outflows, Neutrino Emission, and Supermassive Black Holes Matt Lister Purdue University
Apr 20 (Wed) – CAS 502 Satellite Swarms in Low-Earth Orbit and Their Impacts on Astronomy and the Night Sky — Joint Astrophysics/Space Physics seminar James Lowenthall Smith College
May 2 – zoom How to Run Away and Join the Circus: Navigating Unconventional Career Paths in Astronomy — Joint Astrophysics/Space Physics Seminar Lucianne Walkowicz The JustSpace Alliance