Spring Semester 2009

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday Jan. 20 Warren Brown, CfA Hypervelocity Stars and Massive Black Holes
Tuesday Jan. 27 Dan Clemens, IAR GPIPS and other fun with the Perkins Telescope
Tuesday Feb. 3 No Seminar
Tuesday Feb. 10 Andrew West, MIT From Foreground Trash to Bountiful Treasure: Galactic Stratigraphy, Magnetic Activity
and the Kinematics of M dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Tuesday Feb. 17 Nathan Smith, UC Berkeley
Monday Schedule but we are still having seminar at 4pm.
Eruptive Mass Loss in Massive Stars and Precursors to the Most
Luminous Supernova Explosions
Monday Feb. 23 Riccardo Schiavon,Gemini The History of Star Formation of Early-Type Galaxies
Tuesday Feb. 24 Stella Kafka, CalTech Magnetic Activity on CV Secondaries: Nature or Nurture?
Tuesday Mar. 3 No Seminar
Friday Mar. 6 Peter Frinchaboy, University of Wisconsin Stellar Tracers: Probing Physics and Galactic Structure
Tuesday Mar. 17 Cornelia Lang, University of Iowa The Galactic Center
Tuesday Mar. 24 Ed Berschinger, MIT Dark Energy or Modified Gravity?
Tuesday Mar. 31 Peter Barnes, University of Florida The CHAMPS Mopra Molecular Line Survey
Tuesday Apr. 7 Peter Schloerb, University of Massachusetts LMT
Tuesday Apr. 14 Gregor Tucker, Brown University BLAST
Tuesday Apr. 21 Richard French, Wellesley University Saturn or Pluto
Tuesday Apr. 28 Evan Skillman, University of Minnesota The Recent Star Formation Histories of Nearby Galaxies