The Center welcomes proposals for Project Awards from individual BU faculty members or from groups of faculty within departments, programs, or interdisciplinary groups.

The annual deadlines for On-Cycle Project Awards for events to take place in the following academic year are November 15 and February 1.

Please carefully review the most recent Events & Conferences policies before presenting a live BUCH-sponsored event.

Janet Vertesi (Princeton) speaks at a BUCH-sponsored Seeing and Not Seeing lecture
Janet Vertesi (Princeton) speaks at a BUCH-sponsored Seeing and Not Seeing lecture


The Center typically supports projects such as colloquia, symposia, guest lectures, workshops and lectures by visiting artists and scholars, short-term residencies by visiting scholars, and, on occasion, graduate student conferences sponsored by humanities departments.

The primary focus of the Center’s funding is faculty projects and fellowships and the dissemination of scholarship, and where the Center supports arts components, these are in the context of scholarly exploration. The Center does not support production components of performance projects (drama, dance, music) and art exhibitions but will consider funding the scholarly and/or academic curricular components of such projects.

The Center does not fund projects that are focused on undergraduate curriculum development. Faculty are advised to make use of the many available resources at the University including the Center for Teaching and Learning; the Hub; and the Shipley Center.

Funding Priorities

The BUCH Executive Committee will take the following priorities, established in AY 23-24, into consideration when reviewing applications. If proposed projects incorporate one or more of these, applicants should make that explicit in their proposal and provide specific details.

BUCH values proposals that:

  1. Feature speakers who are underrepresented minorities.
  2. Make concrete efforts to increase student participation. This may be through both involving them as planners and integrating projects with courses; BUCH does not support direct undergraduate programming, but does encourage student involvement.
  3. Articulate potential or intended research outcomes, such as anthologies, etc.
  4. Reach across BU’s colleges and faculty at area institutions.
  5. Include concrete, specific budgets that are mindful of costs (e.g., hotel, honoraria, etc.) and involve, if possible, sharing of costs by other entities.
  6. Name speakers wherever possible and link to speakers’ bios.
  7. Do not extend beyond a single academic year. Multi-year proposals are generally discouraged. However, for context, the Executive Committee appreciates being informed that a project is anticipated to run over several years. 

Eligibility and Criteria

We do not accept applications from students or staff members, and we encourage proposals that are interdisciplinary. In recent years, awards have tended to range between $1,000 for small projects and $10,000 for multi-event projects, with occasional awards that are somewhat larger. Applications are judged on the basis of their intellectual quality and scholarly significance, as well as on their direct relevance to the humanities.

Applying for On-Cycle Project Awards

The annual deadlines for on-cycle project awards are November 15 and February 1.

More information and the application link for off-cycle projects can be accessed on the Off-Cycle Project Awards page.