Forum 2019, Can We Talk? Dialogue and Debate in the Contemporary Academy, opened up lines of communication across the University. Faculty, staff, administration, and graduate students came together to investigate subjects of concern for everyone at the University, including studying controversial texts; the corporate aspects of university life; and negotiating the different perspectives afforded by different roles and statuses.

Below, we have outlined next steps and we have posted videos, audio recordings, and photos from Forum 2019 in order to document the conversations among people from across the University. We have also included the reading list all speakers shared prior to the event. We hope that by making the day’s discussions widely available these conversations can continue and deepen.


We want to thank everyone who came out to Forum 2019; the thought-provoking questions and comments provided by the audience are what allowed a rich and dynamic dialogue to occur, and without our audience the forum would not have been such a generative and enlightening experience for all of us.

In addition, we want to thank our sponsors, the Boston University Office of the Provost and Boston University College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, for allowing us to make the success of Forum 2019 possible. We also want to thank WBUR CitySpace and their staff for hosting us.