Theology in Preaching

Theology in preaching confronts the preacher whenever she or he takes up an interpretation of the scriptures or unpacks a difficult situation for preaching. Historically, an interest in theology in preaching has resulted in specific genres of preaching in either teaching or pastoral modes: especially doctrinal preaching and situational preaching.

Of late, homileticians have also viewed preaching as a venue where the theological task is taken up anew. I have called this preaching and the unfinished task of theology. In the bibliography are also those writers who wrestle with the constructive task of the preacher, whether in interpreting a text in a new context, taking up a text’s unresolved theological issues anew, or engaging in theological reflection on sticky or problematic doctrines of the tradition in a kind of homiletical constructive theology. The bibliography below invites readers to explore how theology impacts the content of the sermon in particular.