Homiletical Theology Project

HTP is my research project at Boston University School of Theology.  The research is concerned with making an alternative space for doing what I call homiletical theology.   HTP encourages exploring the many places where homiletics deals theologically with culture, context, tradition, and sermonic language.

Academy of Homiletics

From 2013-16, HTP formed a four-year consultation at the Academy of Homiletics to map and promote further research in homiletical theology.  You can see some of our original research questions that we used to reinvigorate the conversation that is homiletical theology.  The result of our work is four volumes on homiletical theology.  Vols. 1 and 2 (Homiletical Theology:  Preaching as Doing Theology and Homiletical Theology in Action:  The Unfinished Theological Task of Preaching) seek to identify the many different ways that homiletical theology is understood and practiced in the field.  They tend to be descriptive of the many ways homileticians and practitioners understand several theological dimensions of their work.  In Vols. 3 and 4, the consultation members’ chapters focus in on a more programmatic way of thinking about homiletical theology.  Theologies of the Gospel in Context:  The Crux of Homiletical Theology (Cascade, 2017) argues that a theology of the gospel in context is the central task of homiletical theology.  While the contributors make a case for a variety of such theologies, they all place “the gospel in context” at the center of their homiletical-theological work.  In the final volume now in press, Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promise, contributors offer their own very particular visions about “promise in context” as a unique gospel starting point for understanding our work as homiletical theologians.  From first to last, homiletical theology is understood as a pluralistic and provisional understanding of how to name gospel in both the practice and theories of preaching.

If you have an interest in preaching that longs to name God into the world again, I hope you’ll enjoy the many resources you’ll find in these web pages. These resources include a series of colloquium webinars on homiletical theology with leaders in the field. If you are a homiletician, I hope you’ll join in our networking to renew the promising homiletical-theological conversation to come. Preaching is more than technique and homiletics is more than the sum total of its cognate disciplines. They both represent a way of doing theology. I hope you’ll want to take part in this project in the years to come.


CASCADE_TemplateThe edited volume of the 2013 HTP consultation is now in print, Homiletical Theology:  Preaching as Doing Theology.  The book is the first in a four-volume series with Cascade, The Promise of Homiletical Theology.

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Jacobsen2 (2)The edited volume of the 2014 HTP consultation is also in print, Homiletical Theology in Action: The Unfinished Theological Tasks of Preaching.
Now available from Cascade Books!





Jacobsen2 (2)The edited volume of the 2015 HTP consultation is likewise now in print, Theologies of the Gospel in Context: The Crux of Homiletical Theology.


Now available from Cascade Books!



David Schnasa Jacobsen, Ph.D.
Director, The Homiletical Theology Project
Homiletics PhD Concentration (Practical Theology)
Boston University School of Theology