Academy of Homiletics

The HTP consultation was originally a four-year project to reinvigorate and deepen work in homiletical theology.  It pursued its task from 2013-16 based on research questions that animated its work. The results of the consultations labors can be found in the volumes of the Cascade Books series, The Promise of Homiletical Theology.

Now the consultation’s work continues in occasional form–as in the most recent announcement below.  Scroll down and you will find the composition of each of the earlier consultation groups as well as the question that guided their work.

NEW Homiletical Theology Project Consultation:

In-class Sermon Feedback and Intercultural Competency, Sponsored by Wabash Center 2019-2020

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Religion and Theology has approved a Boston University STH grant application for a research consultation on in-class sermon feedback and intercultural competency. In January 2019, the Homiletical Theology Project will convene a team of six preaching instructors to research intercultural communication theory in relation to interpersonal communication in instructional contexts. Over the year, consultation participants will relate their work to their classroom practices around sermon feedback. The Wabash small project grant is titled: “Exploring Intercultural Instructional Communication for Homiletical Pedagogy: Facework Theory, Cultural Competence, and ‘Peering Behind the Curtain’” (Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby and David Schnasa Jacobsen, co-directors). Consultation members also include Jared Alcántara of Baylor University, Gerald Liu of Princeton Theological Seminary, André Resner of Hood Theological Seminary, and Sarah Travis of Knox College and Toronto School of Theology.
The consultation will meet from January 4-6, 2019 at Boston University with University of Portland’s Professor of Communication Studies Jeff Kerssen-Griep. He is an expert in interpersonal, intercultural communication in instructional contexts. After meeting in January, the consultation will begin work reflecting on their own practices of in-class sermon feedback going forward. After completing their pedagogical work, consultation will develop research articles on the topic for submission to The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching in 2020.


                  Jacobsen                                      McLaughlin-Sheasby                          Alcántara                     


               Liu                                                Resner                                                       Travis

2016 Consultation on Homiletical Theology

The theme of this year’s consultation is “Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promise.”


Ruthanna Hooke
Title:  “The Spirit-Breathed Body: Proleptic Presence and Eschatological Promise in Preaching.”


David Schnasa Jacobsen
Title:  “Promise, Grace, Justice, and the Event of Preaching”


Kenyatta Gilbert
Title:  “A Promising Trivocal Hermeneutic for 21st Century Preaching: Justice, Transformation, and Hope”


Paul Scott Wilson
Title:  “The Poetry of Now and Then”


Joy Moore
Title:  “Preaching God’s Promise: Negotiating Greed and Generosity in an Economically Unjust Society”


James Kay
Title:  “What’s So Promising about God’s Promises?”

““Yang Sunggu””

Yang Sunggu
Title:  “The Promised Land: A Postcolonial Homiletic of Promise in the Asian American Context”



2015 Consultation on Homiletical Theology

The theme of this year’s consultation is “Theologies of the Gospel in Context.”


Yohan Go
Title:  “One People, Two Nations, Two Words of God?: The Gospel of Reconciliation and Theological Tasks of Preaching from a Korean Perspective.”


David Schnasa Jacobsen
Title:  “Gospel as Promise and Lament: The Unfinished Task of Homiletical Theology in an Age of Disestablishment and Empire.”


Debra Mumford
Title:  “The Gospel of Prosperity: Jesus, Capitalism, and Hope.”


André Resner
Title:  “Preaching as Apocalypse.”


Joni Sanken
Title:  “When Our Words Fail Us: Preaching Gospel to Trauma Survivors.”


Sarah Travis
Title:  “Deconstructing Gospel: Locating Trouble and Grace in Postcolonial Preaching.”

2014 Consultation on Homiletical Theology

This year the consultation will be exploring “Homiletical Theology in Action” by looking at the way homileticians do theology when dealing with particular, problematic texts or doctrinal traditions.

Homiletical Theology in Relation to Particular Scripture Texts


Sally Brown
Title:  Homiletical Theology as Faithful Improvisation: Preaching Philippians 2:5-11 at the Crossroads of Christology and Context.


Adam Hearlson
Title:  Wet Paint: The Canaanite woman, the Giant, and Painted over Proclamation.

Teresa Stricklen, Worship and Theology Office, PCUSA

Teresa Stricklen
Title: Homiletic Theology in Action: Negotiating Each Sermon’s Texts, Contexts, Doctrine, and Rhetoric

Homiletical Theology in Relation to Particular Problematical Doctrinal Loci: Judgment, Scripture, Pneumatology, Eschatology

Rein Bos

Rein Bos
Title: “Surely There is a God Who Judges on Earth”. Divine Retribution in Homiletical Theology and the Practice of Preaching.

Wesley Allen

O. Wesley Allen
Title: Doing Bible: Editorial Tendencies in the Canon and the Question of Biblical Authority for Preaching

Luke Powery, Duke University

Luke Powery, Duke University
Title:  Nobody Knows the Trouble I See: A Spirit(ual) Approach to the Interpretive Task of Homiletical Theology.

David Schnasa Jacobsen

David Schnasa Jacobsen
Title: Promise and Lament: Homiletical Theology, the Word Extra Nos and a the Task of a Revisionist Eschatology.

2013 Consultation on Homiletical Theology Participants:


Ron Allen, Christian Theological Seminary
Title:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer: on Becoming a Homiletical Theologian.


John McClure, Vanderbilt University
Title:  Preaching as Soft Heresy: The Dialogical Dimension of Homiletical Theology


Alyce McKenzie, Southern Methodist University Title:  The Company of Sages:  Homiletical Theology as a Sapiential Hermeneutic


Michael Pasquarello, Asbury Theological Seminary
Title:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer: on Becoming a Homiletical Theologian.

Luke Powery, Duke University

Luke Powery, Duke University
Title:  In Our Own Native Language: Toward a Pentecostalization of Homiletical Theology

Teresa Stricklen, Worship and Theology Office, PCUSA

Teresa Stricklen, Worship and Theology Office, PCUSA
Title:  Homiletical Theology is Theological Method for Sermon Preparation