Stipends, Supplies, Travel and Housing Supplements

Students interested in engaging in a research project should contact the faculty member directly. After you decide you’d like to work together, you have several options:

UROP provides research stipends, on a competitive basis, each semester and summer. Research projects may also be done on a volunteer basis, for academic credit, or for pay.

Funding Eligibility

Any undergraduate student enrolled full-time at Boston University is eligible to apply for UROP funding. All projects must be conducted under the supervision of a BU faculty member. A student may not simultaneously receive academic credit and a UROP stipend award for their research.

Types of Funding

  • Stipend Awards: paid directly to the student as taxable income
  • Supplies Awards: provided to the mentor’s department to cover project supplies
  • Travel Awards: reimbursement for research- or conference-related travel expenses
  • Humanities Scholars Awards: stipend and supplies for students conducting research in the Humanities
  • Cross College Awards: stipend and supplies support for 2-4 students conducting research as a team
  • Housing Supplement: $1000 toward summer housing, limited number of awards available for students with the greatest financial need

Stipend Awards (Beginning Spring 2019)

Student Research Award (SRA): full amount provided by UROP
Fall or Spring Semester: Up to $1,200 for 10 hours per week
Summer: $4,800 for 40 hours per week for a 10-week program (students taking classes during the summer can only apply for $2,400 for 20 hours per week)

Faculty Matching Grants (FMG): half provided by UROP, half by the faculty mentor
Fall or Spring Semester: Up to $1,200 for 10 hours per week
Summer: $4,800 for 40 hours per week for a 10-week program (students taking classes during the summer can only apply for $2,400 for 20 hours per week)

Students may apply for different stipend amounts based on the approximate number of hours to be worked per week*:

Fall or Spring Semester:

  • 5 hours = $600
  • 8 hours = $960
  • 10 hours = $1,200


  • 20 hours = $2,400
  • 30 hours = $3600
  • 40 hours = $4,800

*While the award is for the semester or summer, it is paid in weekly installments over a 10 week period. 

Notes on Stipend Working Hours Stipulations

  • UROP stipend payments are paid as weekly salaried payments through Student Employment.
  •  Students are not eligible to work more than 20 hours/week during the academic year and 40 hours/week during the summer across on-campus jobs.
  • Students cannot receive double payment for working the same job. For example, if you work 10 hours/week during the academic year for a UROP stipend, you cannot be paid with work-study or departmental funds for the same 10 hours. However, if you work 10 hours/week during the academic year for a UROP stipend and an additional 10 hours on another job or on the same research project, you may be eligible to receive payment from work-study funding or departmental for the additional hours worked under the hourly guidelines listed above.
  • All non-UROP funding sources used to support your research project need to be discussed with your mentor.
  • Any summer funded UROP students who are working another job on campus are required to meet with Melissa Johnson in the UROP Office to discuss your summer work schedule. You will not receive your UROP payment until you have spoken to Melissa. Please contact the office at to schedule an appointment.

Supplies Awards (Beginning Spring 2019)

Awards are no more than $500. You cannot apply for supplies funding and stipend funding during the same funding period. You must choose either a supplies award or a stipend award, not both. If you are receiving academic credit for your research, you cannot apply for a stipend, but you can apply for supplies.

These awards are granted each funding period. Funds are transferred directly to the faculty mentor’s department.

Travel Awards

Research-Related Travel Awards are typically no more than $500. These awards are granted on a rolling basis.

Conference Participation Travel Awards are typically no more than $500. Students applying for this award must either present a poster during the conference or have their abstract published through the conference. These awards are granted on a rolling basis.

Humanities Scholars Award

This award provides a stipend and supplies/travel support to students and research funding to their faculty mentors. During the academic year, the award provides a $1,200 student stipend for 10 hours of research per week and up to $250 for supplies/travel to the student. The award also provides $250 to the awarded student’s faculty mentor for research/travel.

Cross College Award

This award supports team-based research projects made up of students from different colleges. Awards will be granted to the group, not to individual students. For specific details on this Cross-College award, please visit: 

Housing Supplement

Each summer we will offer a limited number of supplements of $1,000 each to off-set the cost of summer housing for UROP participants. Only students working 40 hours/week are eligible for the award. Funding is granted to students solely based on financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. To receive the award, you must be living in and conducting research in the Boston area, and you most show receipts for your rent.

Find more information about applying for these awards.