Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor of History

Twentieth-century U.S. political history, environmental and agricultural history

Sarah Phillips is the author of This Land, This Nation: Conservation, Rural America, and the New Deal, published by Cambridge University Press in 2007, and, with co-author Shane Hamilton, The Kitchen Debate and Cold War Consumer Politics, published by Bedford/St. Martins in 2014.  She has written essays and articles on environmental history, antebellum reform, transatlantic agricultural developments, the interwar economy, and the conservation and environmental policy of state governors. She is currently finishing a project on the domestic politics of agricultural surpluses after World War II and the neoliberal pivot in farm policy during the 1960s. With Brooke Blower she co-edits Modern American History, a new journal from Cambridge University Press covering all aspects of the United States since the 1890s.

Curriculum Vitae