Field of Study: Finance & Banking

Mr. Mungunshagai (Mungun) Bormagnai served as a Chief Retail Banking Officer of the Transport and Development Bank of Mongolia. Moreover, he has over nine years of experience in the Mongolian banking sector and initiated several banking products on the domestic market that served small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by delivering strategic financial advice and solutions to assist companies’ growth. In addition, he worked in investment banking, fundraising, and financial planning, as well as asset and liability management fields.

Another passion of his is participating in environmental protection campaigns. He is involved in tree-planting campaigns every year to combat land degradation and improve the environment for the further generation. He believes that any promoting green environment actions will make a positive change in many ways.

As a Humphrey fellow, he will explore how financial institutions in the United States mobilize and contribute to sustainable financing for SMEs in emerging markets. Furthermore, he will expand his knowledge in investment analysis and portfolio management and deepen his understanding of the management of the international financial system.

Mr. Mungunshagai earned a bachelor’s in finance from the National University of Mongolia.