Central African Republic

Field of Study: Finance & Banking

Mr. Marius Gnalis-Rafai is a Financial and Business Development Advisor at Be-Africa Innovation Lab (Bailab) and a Senior auditor at Leas & Consultants International in Bangui, Central African Republic. His main responsibilities consist in caring out audit missions of governmental and non-governmental projects funded by multilateral institutions like World Bank, African Development Bank or European Union. Most importantly, he supports also many Organizations and Companies in developing and settling their financial handbook, accounting and financial management system and business plans for funding purposes. For these reasons, he collaborates in many high social impact projects in different fields including financial digitalization, microfinance, mining and agribusiness either as financial consultant or business partner.

During his fellowship year, he aims to enrich his academic and professional training with an emphasis on financial digitalization, small business development specifically in starting and financing business by exploring innovative and new trends in the field including design thinking, venture and angel capital, private equity or crowdfunding. He intends to have professional affiliations with incubators, small business development entities supporting natural resources businesses, angel/venture capitalists or Audit firm.

Mr. Marius graduated in Sociology from the University of Bangui and in Banking and Finance from HEGC (Business School of Management and Accounting). He also holds a master’s degree in Project management from the International Institute of Management of Bangui, Central African Republic.