Health & Safety

Whether traveling on your own or leading a group of students, your attention to health, safety, and security is crucial to a successful overseas activity. Careful preparation improves your ability to manage risk and allows most problems to be resolved quickly or avoided altogether.

Global Programs is available to provide you with step-by-step preparation support and to assist in difficult situations abroad.

  • 1Know Your Support Network

    Health, safety, and security abroad are maintained through a team approach at BU. The team consists of you, other program participants, your department chair, college dean and administrators, Global Programs, Risk Management, General Counsel, Research Compliance, and other units.

  • 2Assess Risks and Resources

    The assessment and management of risk are important for well-established international activities, as well as those under consideration. Many resources are available to help you assess conditions, risks, and support services at your destination.

  • 3Develop an Emergency Plan

    Once you have identified and assessed risks, you can plan accordingly. An emergency management plan pulls your preparation together and should include planning undertaken to maintain health and well-being, a detailed communication protocol, an evacuation plan, and program-specific emergency response procedures.

  • 4Prepare for Travel

    Several items should be taken into account as all participants prepare for travel, including insurance, health and medicine, and itinerary/contact information. Additionally, familiarizing them with your emergency management plan is a crucial step.

  • 5Respond to Events and Emergencies

    There is no guarantee that every program will go perfectly. Therefore, it is important to be able to respond quickly and to know who to go to for assistance.